Love for reading

Keep your eyes open for good books!

Library Project: New Book Club in MILE!

This year our students, not being able to attend the school library as in previous years, browsing the shelves and exchanging books, will have the opportunity to attend the Book Club organized by Ms Alyssa every three weeks. Step-by-step, they will gain the ability to learn new vocabulary, interpret images, identify genres, and discuss metaphors.

We are confident that this experience will be immersive and engaging!

Ms Alyssa will read a short story (Cambridge KS1) to grades 1 and 2 or a chapter of a longer book (Cambridge KS2) for grades 3, 4 and 5. Three weeks have already passed since the start of our project and our kids have experienced the pleasure of reading. Class discussions are increasingly constructive and stimulating.

Reading a book allows us to meet new characters, experience exciting plots and travel to new places. We will go far while sitting at our desks at school.

The project involves the discussion of the story, the choice and interpretation of the words used in a precise context, the analysis of the characters and the prediction of how the plot will unfold.

All supported by drawings and didactic cards!

An hour together to increase the passion of reading in our students!