14 June 2019

MILE Kids at Museum

Visit to the 900 Museum The colors in the paintings inspire the kids lab. Visit to the Museo del Novecento in Milan for the young students of MILE Kids who were able to see up close and know the works of great artists displayed and participate in a beautiful art workshop in search of […]
12 June 2019
Cover ebook Cocinando con la Septima - vol 3

Download your MILE recipe

Cocinando con la septima – vol. III 5 healthy and delicious menu... even Multilingual. We present you this book which you can download in ebook format. We hope you can try out at home the delicious dishes included here, done by MILE students. […]
10 June 2019

Multi cultural Days

The entire world meets in MILE The initiative by the teachers to know other cultures. MILE is a truly multicultural school with a team of teachers of various nationalities and cultures who wanted to share with students MILE traditions and flavors of various countries. The students had fun trying out activities, games, […]
27 May 2019

The Band plays

An entire band in MILE The Italian national anthem sung by the students. MILE is... the Band at School! Meeting of the MILE students with the tradition and artistic culture of the band. Guests in MILE were the masters of the Philharmonic Group Gaetano Donizetti, who showed the students the instruments that as a whole […]
24 May 2019

Trip in Romagna

Three days of discoveries for 4 graders Trip in Romagna. This year's trip was a three-day experience, beautiful, exciting and full of fun and educational activities! We visited The House of Butterflies and Insects, reviewing everything we had seen in […]
23 May 2019

Little Blue Riding Hood

MILE Kids and the blue of the sea. From the pen of Bruno Munari the encounter with the sea. Immediate, surprising, light. It's Little Blue Riding Hood, the protagonist of the stories of Little Riding Hoods rewritten by Bruno Munari who still today, 40 years after writing the book, manages to capture the attention of children, entering into their own […]
17 May 2019

Olympic Creations

New visual identities by MILE Olympic circles reinterpreted How to communicate with everyone in any language? Primary and Middle students design the emblem of the Olympic Games and recreate a new visual identity. All the emblems together have to be orchestrated and turn the individual voices into a complete work... just like the students of the teams […]
16 May 2019

The Righteous of Armenia

Yesterday's history for a better tomorrow Assembly on the theme of the Righteous and the Genocide of the Armenian people On May 13 at the auditorium of the school, a meeting on the theme of the Righteous and the Genocide of the Armenian people was proposed to the MILE Middle students, which took place at the hands of the Young Turks […]
14 May 2019

Kids and the animals

New discoveries in MILE Kids Meeting with the animals A beautiful day spent discovering the world of animals for the children of MILE Kids who have learned from the guide habitats and characteristics of the main terrestrial and marine species: from lions and tigers, to turtles and manta rays. From the figures on the books to the […]