13 September 2022

Invalsi Test Results

  It is with great joy and pride that we inform you that for the last school year of 2021-2022, MILE Bilingual School can report excellent results in the latest invalsi tests, taken in May by Grades 2 and 5. […]
9 September 2022

September Open Days

  Join us for one of our September Open Days, for Nursery & Kindergarten and Primary School, and discover Amazing Learning. […]
11 July 2022

Refer a friend

  One of the great strengths of MILE School is the strong partnership with our community. To recognise your support in spreading good news about our school we are happy to offer a Refer a Friend scheme. […]
27 January 2021


After studying the earth with its elements and the different climates present on our planet with the Italian teachers, they rediscovered these concepts through music. […]
27 January 2021

ICT: Data in research

The use of software for the management of spreadsheets makes the management, collection and representation of data much more efficient, and it is a skill of fundamental importance in the world of work: in ICT lessons students in Grade 4 have learned to use Google Sheets to support projects that are carried out in different disciplines such as Geography, Science, Mathematics. […]
27 January 2021

Baseball in Middle School

Our Middle School students trained at the sports center in a preparatory circuit for the game of baseball. The objectives of the activity were to learn how to: - RUN: between one base and another in attack, or go and get the ball in defense […]
27 January 2021

Fruit and vegetable calendar

Our students Grade 2 learned the lexicon of fruit and vegetable that we usually find on our table in the various languages studied, French, Spanish and German. By creating a colorful calendar, they have identified the best season to eat it!
27 January 2021

Fine psychomotor activity in Nursery

The little ones of the Nursery, in the activity of playing with small tools, have learned to manage their movements and to interact with each other, understanding when it was their turn to play and how to respect the activity of their partner in the surrounding space. […]
27 January 2021

Starry nights in MILE Kids

How many ways do you know to draw a star? There are giant stars, dwarf stars and even stars with tails .. white, red, orange and even blue .. And the night ...? What color is the night?