26 February 2020

Nature and P.E. in MILE Kids

  Nature and psychomotor skills in MILE Kids A sensory journey for MILE's 3 year-old students. Through the discovery of the spinning machine, from the ball of yarn to the wool, the children built a 'friendship canvas' around which they utilized and developed their psychomotor skills. Finally, using wool, they participated in a workshop creating their own sheep.  
26 February 2020

Music in MILE Kids

  Music: Open lesson in MILE Kids. The music project includes a phase of learning how to listen, in which students learn to decipher the message of the music through perceived emotions. Then there is rhythmic education, through the use of ORFF instruments, and melodic education […]
20 February 2020

Chess Project

  The project began with Mr. Jack that gave Grades 1 and 2 a hugely fun, and highly interactive, introduction to the game of chess. Students participated in an age-appropriate presentation of the rules, and dressed up as pieces in specially made costumes (thanks to Grade 4) and […]
12 February 2020


  Middle School students participated in volleyball training during P.E. hours. The sessions were led by Prof. Walter Repetti, professor at the Faculty of Sport Sciences of the University of Milan and by Mr Luca, coach at Milano Volley Club. […]
12 February 2020

MILE Kids Nursery discovers the rain

  MILE KIDS Nursery know nature and its element. This month the rain is discovered. With the collage technique, the pupils made their own umbrella wet with raindrops, with tempera and sprays they designed the rain and finally, in […]
11 February 2020

Sharing the future

  MILE is ‘SHARING THE FUTURE’. The “SHARING THE FUTURE” project is about to start for the second year, a virtuous example promoted by MILE in which private and public schools come together to create tomorrow's future today. The workshops will involve the third classes of the "Novaro-Ferrucci" primary school and […]
10 February 2020

MILE supports Casa Homer

  MILE School supports Casa Homer. MILE School students had the pleasure of meeting Don Mapelli again. Don Mapelli is the leader of the Casa Homer Cooperative, which through concrete actions tries to help unaccompanied minors, integrating them into our country and giving them an increasing autonomy for their adult lives. We heard different stories, stories that […]
27 January 2020

The Importance of Remembrance

  MILE Middle: reflections The value of Remembrance. This month, MILE Middle School students saw the movie "The Photographer of Mauthausen". The Italian teacher presented the movie that marks the end of our […]
24 January 2020

Basketball Match

  MILE Middle School vs ASM The value of sport in education! Collaboration, mutual help, team spirit, personal discipline, sharing, respect for the rules, tolerance and inclusion: these are just some of the values that characterize sport itself, and that we seek to transmit every day to our students. On 23 […]