18 March 2019

Carnival 2019

MILE dresses up for Carnival 2019! Stars are streamlined, confetti and bright masks. Great party for the children of primary school and first, second, third and fourth classes who have lived a pleasant afternoon in joy among masked groups, parades and many colors! EVIVE the masks of MILE School, the kids, […]
18 March 2019

Sharing the Future

"Don't buy video games, learn to program them" - Barak Obama. MILE is Sharing the Future. In Milan, the interaction of a private school and a public school to establish virtuous interconnections. The project is called "SHARING THE FUTURE" and its contents are linked to innovation and technology applied to the teaching that the bilingual Milanese school MILE […]
16 March 2019

The 5 senses

You experience it in kindergarten. To know the world! In MILE Kids Nursery, our little friends discover the world around them thanks to their 5 senses and... sensitivity. "Eye that you see the lights and colors tell me if I'm made of flowers too. Ear that you hear the noises and the […]
23 February 2019

Open Day Nursery

Enter the magical world of MILE Kids Nursery. Bilingual education from an early age. On Saturday, February 23, 2019, the MILE bilingual nursery opened its doors to allow parents and families to get to know the MILE Kids education programme for children aged 1 to 3. Busy hands, happy hands are […]
20 February 2019


MILE is Culture. 'Return your name'. Margherita, a MILE School student, is the protagonist of this photo shoot as an exponent also for the many other MILE students and families who wanted to take part in the initiative 'Return your name'. Here, reading one by one the names, we wanted to respectfully render the […]
11 February 2019

The colors

Discovering Blue The Smallest and the Primary Colours New exciting activities for children at MILE Kids Nursery. This week they tried their hand at discovering the primary colours, experimenting with the creation of colour, starting with simple materials such as water, flour and food colouring. They drill, manipulate, knead, amalgamate and here they are […]
31 January 2019

The portrait

 The artistic collage The collage, a simple and revolutionary technique, has allowed the students of MILE Middle class 8 to create a very special portrait. exploiting and combining anatomical details from different works and pictorial forms, have come to life unique and singular portraits.
15 November 2018


MILE & The FabLab - 3D technology. In MILE we learned how to do 3D design using an open source program called Tinkercad. First we saw how the 3D printer works... after designing a house together, the students had a go at their individual creations.
11 November 2018

Meeting the Author

Olga di Carta - Meeting with Elisabetta Gnone. A different morning during the week for MILE Primary Graders 5-6-7 who met Elisabetta Gnone, the author of "Olga di carta" (Salani) and the saga "Fairy Oak". The occasion of the release of "Misteriosa", her new volume, took them elsewhere, remembering that […]