21 May 2020

Fairy tales

The world of fairy tales in MILE Kids. This month MILE Kids Reception students are taking a fairy tale journey with Ms Sara. The children learned how a fairy tale is structured and listened carefully to several popular fairy tales. They then correctly answered all the comprehension questions of the teacher. Finally, they tried to invent their own fairy tale, having built and colored the "story telling" dice […]
20 May 2020

Munari Lab - Cutlery

Cutlery as markers in MILE Kids. How to set up a painting workshop in the home kitchen? Open the cutlery drawer and take forks, spoons and knives to experiment with prints and sketches in freedom. The children of MILE Kids have given space to their imagination
14 May 2020

The seed

Discovering the seed in MILE Kids Nursery. With the arrival of the sun, in Mile Kids Nursery, teachers and children dedicated themselves to the discovery of the seed and its growth. With the help of images, nursery rhymes and stories, both in English and Italian, and with the precious collaboration of the parents […]
12 May 2020


The bees in MILE Kids. In MILE Kids Fiori, children with Ms Emanuela have entered the wonderful world of bees, listening to the beautiful story of the bees Lea and Cloe. How do bees live? What is pollen used for? What is pollination? What is honey? […]
6 May 2020


Stretching online lesson with Ms Lucy. In the online lessons Ms Lucy explained to our children the importance of stretching by showing them the exercises that need to be done to stretch their muscles before doing a cardio activity.
4 May 2020

Pixel Art

ICT is Pixel Art. During the online lessons, the students learned about how images are formed on the computer using pixels, and how the colour systems work. Pixels are the smallest element of pictures represented on the screen and to understand better the concept they […]
4 May 2020

Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020 On April 22, 1970 was inaugurated "Earth Day", born to make the world understand the importance of nature around us. In this special week our students, inspired by planet earth, studied geography, literature, art...
30 April 2020


International Jazz Day – 30 april, 2020. The Jazz project in Middle School came to its end with the attendance of our students to the International Jazz Day on 30 April, 2020. This year the main theme of the Middle School's music program has been Jazz music, which has seen the collaboration […]
25 April 2020


Motor skills in MILE Kids Nursery. Children can do many activities to develop fine motor skills. With the suggestions of Ms. Camilla, the children were able to build simple abacuses, using pasta and spaghetti. To be able to play, very small and precise movements are required, […]