24 April 2020

Music tech in Primary

Typedrummer and Typatone. Music Technology is starting, also in Primary School! This month, Tommaso Fumagalli from Middle School has started together with Maestra Emilia this new project with Grade 5 students. Students created musical pieces with Typedrummer and Typatone, web applications that […]
22 April 2020


Yoga online lesson with Ms Lucy. Practicing yoga is important for children. Until we look into our childrens’ routines we can’t understand how stressful their young lives can be. Children nowadays are very busy. And this is all combined with growing, mood changing and all we experience as growing children. For children, […]
21 April 2020

Graphic Dictation

Reception children are invited to draw what the teacher "tells" by developing their imagination while respecting the required dimensions. This activity allows children to develop listening and concentration skills in following dictation. […]
17 April 2020

Hot air baloon

Hot air balloon craft in MILE Kids Let's take a trip up, up, up and away! We are going to make together a hot air balloon so we can see what the weather is like during Spring time and what animals we might be able to see!
16 April 2020

Ancient Romans

The ancient Romans. Grade 5 is studying the Ancient Roman civilization. They began their journey by taking a closer look at daily life in ancient Rome including how the Romans dressed, made banquets, their roles in society and how they lived. […]
14 April 2020

Vegetable paintings

Vegetable paintings in MILE Kids. Ms Daniela, read to MILE Kids Semi "The Colorine fairy and the vegetables from the garden". With a fun reading and some imagination, it is easier to teach to the little ones to appreciate fruit and vegetables. Tomatoes, carrots, salad and […]
7 April 2020


Recreate famous paintings. During the online art lesson, Prof. Fiorentini tried to help Grade 8 students understand the poetics of Caravaggio: the importance of light, color, choice of characters, composition of the scene and volumes. How can we do this without canvas or brushes? The task […]
28 March 2020

Sport, everywhere

Prof. Naro's advise. Professor Naro has sent some videos to all Middle School students to continue their physical activity at home during this period, following a precise pattern that includes self-assessment tests at the end of the month. They are simple exercises on coordinative and conditional skills, based on […]
27 March 2020

Music time in MILE Kids

New discoveries with teacher Sarah. Teacher Sarah showed our little ones these beautiful instruments: a piano, a flute, a violin, a shaker. Let's listen to their sound and learn to recognize it! In order to play together, we can easily create our shaker at home, using recycled material to colour and […]