26 March 2020

Music Technology

Tech music from home. In distance learning,the Music Technology lab has also reinvented itself. To connect ideas and overcome the distance, MILE Middle School students, with the help of technology, have made many videos choosing a sound. Starting from the individual sounds, rhythmic and melodic, a single piece of music will be composed […]
25 March 2020

Young Journalists

Let's play at being journalists! Grade 7 students from Middle School had their online Italian lesson with three special guests: Paolo de Berardinis, Marketing Manager at Rcs MediaGroup Spa, Silvia Trevisan, Product Manager at Corriere for Veneto/Trentino, and Sandro Orlando, Reporter and Journalist for RCS. So much information received by […]
22 March 2020

A healthy snack

MILE's recipes. At this moment it is more important than ever to dedicate yourself to your health. Teacher Kelly suggests a few tips for children for healthy eating, through a simple cooking workshop. Let's prepare a fun and healthy snack together: the fruit skewer using Gruffalo Crumble recipes! (video in English)
21 March 2020

Distant but united

  The Very Hungry Caterpillar in MILE Nursery. The teachers of MILE KIDS Nursery involved the children at a distance with the reading, both in Italian and English, of a much-loved story in Nursery: "The Hungry Caterpillar"... The story of the very hungry caterpillar is simple […]
18 March 2020


  Seeing things for what they are and for what they could be. How many times have we happened to see figures and faces in the clouds, in the bark of trees, in rocks, in formless spots? This amusing phenomenon occurs because seeing is not only an activity of the eye but also of the brain. Bruno Munari […]
11 March 2020

Spring in MILE Kids

Its blossoming... from a distance. All the students at Mile Kids worked very hard, even at a distance, to welcome Spring in the best way; creating, with the voice of their teachers, graceful artifacts representing some of its precious creatures, such as butterflies, trees and flowering meadows. Using creativity to […]
1 March 2020

Open Letter

  A messagge from Adriana Sorbellini. Dear families, Dear staff, Our school, in this difficult and extreme situation, is proving to be a STRONG, IMMENSE AND BEAUTIFUL COMMUNITY. In just 3 weeks, we have experienced sudden isolation, limited to staying with our loved ones. The fear of the other has been created. […]
26 February 2020

Draw a tree

  Every game has its rule. The rule of the game "draw a tree" says: The branch that follows is always thinner than the one that precedes it. You can draw trees that branch in two, three, four... respecting this rule everyone draws his tree. Stereotypes are cancelled. Many trees many children. Bruno Munari  
26 February 2020


  Nutrition education in MILE MILE School is always attentive to the nutrition education of its students. This year MILE has joined the "Fruit and Vegetables in Schools" program promoted by the European Union and has become the Ambassador for the Milan Cities Changing Diabetes Project. Right from kindergarten age it is important to sensitize children to correct nutritional education, reconstructing […]