Digital School & Coding


Technology for education

MILE School aims to develop a digital teaching integrated and complementary to the educational path. In MILE School technology is proposed as a learning tool from the earliest years of schooling, as a support for the development of a critical attitude in students.

One of digital teaching’s aims is to become acquainted with those tools that allow for a constructive and informed use of technology. Students learn to conceive and develop digital and multimedia products, by gathering online research techniques that will allow them to critically appreciate content.


The iPad is the main tool of the digital teaching program since it is a mobile device that offers a wealth of educational tools. Thanks to its simplicity, the iPad allows students to focus their attention on content and its multimedia presentation and not on the device’s technical complexity as would be the case if they used other products on the market.

Digital School

MILE School uses the Google Classroom digital platform on Google Suite. Each individual student is registered with his or her personal account so as to be able to interact, both at school and at home, in online teaching, with teachers and classmates, responding to requests for assignments and receiving useful teaching material. DAD is a world in constant evolution and MILE Schoolis always looking for the best and most advanced tools.

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