The “culture” of reading aloud

Reading aloud

As an introduction to literature, during our Book Club hour each Middle School class has the opportunity to read aloud with the teacher.

The selected readings for this occasion are novels chosen for their historical, literary and moral significance.

During these lessons the teacher models reading aloud and students get to practise as well.

Reading aloud awakens emotional responses which allow our students to create their own images of what they are reading.

This is an occasion to learn not only new vocabulary but also to become acquainted with the literary devices used by writers. 

Personal interpretations are shared and discussed and all students are invited to explain their thoughts by giving evidence to support their opinions.

The Book Club hour is a time to appreciate reading as well as to express our ideas; It is a moment to discover quality readings and, simultaneously, travel in time to see the world through someone else’s eyes. 

Research shows that when teachers read aloud they motivate their students TO READ.