Together for a Quality Education!

MILE School Partners contribute with their commitment to creating unique experiences and initiatives for a bilingual school of EXCELLENCE.


The Italian Laboratory of Research and Development of Potential, Talent and Plusdotation carries out research and intervention activities in the field of the enhancement of potential, talent and plusdotation with activities that are aimed at children, families and teachers.

The FabLab

TheFabLab is a research and development centre and a shared digital manufacturing laboratory, hosted in the Talent Garden in Milan. It offers students and young people the opportunity to get closer to digital innovations through classroom workshops.

Shoot & Run

Founded by Alessandro De Vecchi, the association was born with the aim of bringing young and old of all levels closer to the world of tennis.
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Canottieri Milano

Società Canottieri Milano has a centuries-old sporting tradition and is one of the centenary sports clubs in Milan. A place where you can still live the passion for high-level competitive sport; without forgetting leisure and relaxation.

Scuola Genitori

Scuola Genitori (Parents' School) is the project carried out by the CPP to accompany parents in their educational task: establishing what to do, say and what rules are needed is not simple, but it is a fundamental moment for the growth of children and young people. Scuola Genitori organizes free training meetings, with the patronage of the City of Milan and the support of MILE School.

Casa della Danza e della Musica

School that from 2013, under the direction of Maestro Andrea Musumeci, is a point of reference for excellence in music and choreography training, accompanying students to discover their qualities and artistic skills.