Right to the Moon

The moon and its shades

Inspirations and stories from the MILE students.

Vague, serene, waning, quiet, silent, candid or mute: this is the moon. It has inspired this year the first cycle of Munari lab at MILE School.
The story between the moon and men is one of an irresistible attraction.
Poets, writers, scientists and men throughout history have told stories and fairy tales before the race for the moon. While the landing of the moon is celebrated all over the world, MILE School students in the Munari Lab have also celebrated the moon by designing images that represent it as we see it…. but what is the true color of the moon? What colors do we perceive when we observe it from here?

The children have created a gallery of images of the moon made with different techniques, tools and materials, designing in freedom; in Bruno Munari's workshops there are no images to copy and every child can design in freedom.

Class 5 students continued their journey through the images of the moon with a visit to the exhibition in Turin. "From the earth to the moon. Art on the way to the silver star".
Lots of fun in front of the "moons" of the artists on display in the exhibition!


To complete the project on the moon which includes Art, Science and ICT, students using iPads have created GIFS that show the different phases of the moon.