Sport as an opportunity for growth and socialization

The MILE School's Physical Education program consists of educating the child to learn the correct functioning of his or her body and to manage it in space.
During the five years of MILE School Primary, a functional training is carried out, both with free body and with small tools, in order to increase the conditional and coordinating skills of the child.


Activities at MILE's Gym

The experiential component is combined with the study of the locomotor system, bone structure, joints, muscles to discover how these interact in the movements made both in everyday life and in sports. The complementarity between theory and practice allows to increase the knowledge and the individual self-awareness of the movement.

Finally, special attention is paid to the theme of nutrition with the aim of accompanying the student in the process of learning the energy mechanisms that the human body activates in sport and daily life, to create in the child the awareness of the beneficial effects of proper nutrition to feel good and healthy.


Activities at Sporting Centers

MILE School considers sport an excellent means of education and individual and social growth. Once a week, students are taken to a partner sports centre, where they have the opportunity to play different sports on a rotating basis.

According to a different turn structured according to the Grade, the students of MILE School Primary during the school year practice at the MC2 center in Buccinasco and Assago swimming, supplemented by apnea and diving exercises, artistic gymnastics for the development of body control skills, sports games with the ball for the development of social relations, and playing on the sand to develop coordination and athleticism on difficult terrain.

The students of MILE School Middle, on the other hand, practice the discipline of rowing at the Olona Rowing Club, where they alternate theory and practice lessons of team games held indoors at MILE School.