20 years of passion for bilingual education

This year, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our bilingual school in Milan, MILE School.
Founded in 2003 by Principal Adriana Sorbellini, MILE opened with just a small nursery and eight pupils. Over the past two decades, the school has grown year after year, thanks to our experienced teaching team helping students to achieve consistently excellent academic results and a high level of bilingualism.

Throughout 2023, we will be sharing stories from the past 20 years, holding special events and finding out what some of the first MILE students have gone on to achieve. Follow us on social media for all our updates and continue reading to find out some of the highlights from the first 20 years of our bilingual international school.

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Q&A “20 years in 2 minutes”

As we celebrate our momentous 20th anniversary,  Adriana Sorbellini tells some intriguing anecdotes from the past two decades



In this new school year, the school inaugurated a new library, and fully equuipped IT and science labs, providing our students with improved facilities to enhance their learning experiences.


Middle school obtained “Parità scolastica“ (MIUR).
Cambridge Professional Development Centre approval – the second school in Italy and first school in northern Italy. MILE is the only school in northern Italy to deliver all Cambridge qualifications, including teacher training.

Our school became part of International Schools Partnership (ISP).


Cambridge Assessment International, upper secondary approval.


131 students Primary School
41 students Middle School

First class to graduate (2016-2017): Maeva, Bianca, Riccardo, Pietro, Gaia, Francesco, Nadia, Edoardo, Alessandro, Pablo.


MILE Obtained the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Certification

105 students in Primary school

35 students Middle school

First class to graduate from Middle School (2015-2016): Niccolò, Edoardo, Caterina, Tommaso Pietro, Luna, Sofia, Thomas


New Campus in via Olgiati 14
14 students 


Middle School was born in via Cottolengo
90 students in Primary
10 students in Middle School
80 students in Nursery/Kindergarten Cottolengo
Campus via Cottolengo


Primary school obtained “Parità scolastica“ (MIUR)
80 students Nursery/Kindergarten Via Verro
65 students Kindergarten Cottolengo
30 Primary School Cottolengo
Campus via Cottolengo and via Verro


Primary School was established in Via Cottolengo

10 students in Primary School

110 students in Nursery/Kindergarten

Campus via Cottolengo and Via Verro


Modello di eccellenza Scuola Comune di Milano (EFQM)

100 students (Nursery/Kindergarten)
Campus via Cottolengo and Via Verro


Partnership between MILE & Nestlè:  Nestlé Company Nursery


50 students
Campus in Cottolengo and Via Verro


MILE Nursery was founded (under the original name Les Galipettes)

8 students
Campus via Cottolengo and via Verro

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