Maeva Sole

My name is Maeva and I am now attending the fifth year of the Liceo Classico Tito Livio, the last one before starting a new chapter: university.
If it is true that we are, after all, the sum of our experiences, and experience includes not only what we do concretely, but also what we imagine and learn, I can say that the eleven years spent at MILE have made me a person thirsty for knowledge, beauty and art.
For me MILE was a patient mother who was able to recognize, enhance and cultivate my talents, allowing me to find my way around the world with freedom and awareness.
These are the tools that I will take with me and that will allow me, next year, to begin a course of study abroad in Political Science and International Relations in English.


My name is Riccardo and I attended MILE School from 2011 to 2017, concluding Primary and Lower Secondary school courses.

My experience at MILE has been full of engaging, complete and interactive educational experiences, which have provided me with an excellent and competitive education, as well as helping me to grow as a person.
Also, thanks to the bilingual learning of the English language, as well as the academic curiosity and competitiveness that I learned and developed in MILE, I completed my high school studies at an international college in the United States, after attending the high school in Italy for three years.

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