International Learning Opportunities for Students

MILE Bilingual School, is part of International Schools Partnership (ISP), one of the largest education groups in the world with over 50 schools in more than 16 countries. This means that we can offer our students the opportunity to participate in multicultural exchanges and experience living abroad.

The various International Learning Opportunities on offer give students the chance to have memorable international educational and cultural experiences that enable them to fully develop their language and communication skills, share good practices and make long-lasting friendships around the world in a safe environment.

For more information about these programmes, please contact the programme coordinators:

Mr. Adam Brown – Email:

Mr. William Hannah – Email:


The best learning experiences

We are dedicated to providing our students with the best learning experiences possible and all of our International Learning Opportunities focus on several of the key learning outcomes listed below:


To gain more knowledge of:

  • Foreign education systems and new subjects.
  • Geography, History, Digital Media, STEAM.
  • Different lifestyles, cultures and traditions.

To develop their:

  • Language and communication skills.
  • Soft skills including independence, organisation, responsibility, confidence, teamwork, leadership.
  • Critical thinking.

To improve their understanding of:

  • Education and learning in a broader context.
  • Awareness of their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Cultural differences, sensitivity and awareness.
  • Social responsibility, human rights and sustainability.
  • Becoming a global Citizen.

“Amazing”, “Educational”, “Empowering”, “Inspirational”, “Life Changing” and “Unique”

Are some of the words used so far by our students, parents and colleagues to describe our International Learning Opportunities for Students. For more information please:

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