Welcome to MILE Bilingual School

Dear Parents,

I have been very proud to have the privilege and responsibility of being the Head of School at MILE Bilingual School, since I opened our doors as the founder in 2003.

Our vision places children, their interests and learning needs, at the centre of the learning process. We encourage our children to develop their love for learning and experience.

Our passionate native Italian and English speaking teachers work tirelessly to facilitate fun, engaging, relevant, memorable and highly effective learning activities. Our bilingual educational path also inspires a sense of responsibility for our local and global environment and ensures children make as much progress in these areas as possible.

We are a truly inclusive community school, embracing the individuality of every child. Engaging with you, our school community, is key to the success of our work. We look forward to welcoming you to our school soon!

Adriana Sorbellini
Head of School

Our School

MILE is a bilingual school that offers the Italian and the Cambridge curriculums (a bilingual curriculum), now with 20 years of experience. We are a “paritaria” school, officially recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR), both for Primary and Lower Secondary.

All subjects are taught in both languages ​​in order to ensure a solid academic platform which allows our students to access the best Italian high schools or the most prestigious international high schools.

Our approach is holistic and takes into account the development of the child as an individual who must learn important interpersonal skills. For this reason, alongside all traditional subjects, we integrate subjects as DRAMA, ICT, MUSIC, ART, PHYSICAL EDUCATION.

Our interdisciplinary projects promote awareness of sustainability and the environment: food education, the garden project, the recycling project, the pet care project, the bicycle project.

Every student’s inclusion is essential: we work according to the individual needs of each child. Collaboration with our Community is an integral part of our teaching: Teacher and Parent working groups give life to sporting events such as MILE ON ICE, MILE ON SKI, MILE ON BIKE as well as to important art and music events.

Our school offers a multicultural environment thanks to the over 20 nationalities present within our community.  As we are part of International Schools Partnership, we can also offer additional learning and cultural opportunities.

Our Vision and Values

MILE is a welcoming community of learners, who, thanks to our innovative teaching methods and creative approach to learning, develop their personal skills, making amazing progress every day.

Our teaching offers multiple experience in both the Italian and English areas, ensuring the consolidation of skills through cooperative learning and learning by doing. We work on open classes to ensure a rewarding school experience even for children with high potential.

We encourage our children to love learning, to be courteous to all, to respect the feelings of others, to be sensitive to our environment, and feel confident to be able to make the difference to all our communities, now and tomorrow.
MILE is an inclusive and innovative school with a great openness to the world and to the future.

Why You Should Choose MILE Bilingual School

The globalized world needs individuals with cultural sensitivity and emotional intelligence, who are able to relate to different cultures.

  • High-quality bilingual education certified by Cambridge
  • Recognised by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education) for Primary and Lower Secondary
  • Excellent academic results
  • Innovative and holistic approach to education
  • Well resourced classrooms and laboratories
  • Highly-qualified mother tongue teachers
  • A wide range of extra-curricular activities

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