Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM)

The potential of “gifted” children must be recognized and adequately supported, which is why after a pilot period that started in 2022, MILE has decided to implement the SEM model, an innovative inclusive education model right from the first grade of primary school.

SEM stands for Schoolwide Enrichment Model, developed in the USA by Professor Joseph Renzulli and Professor Reis at the Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development.

SEM method and training

SEM is based on an expanded vision of the concept of giftedness, aimed at promoting educational approaches that address the special educational needs of all students, particularly gifted and twice-exceptional students, characterized by the coexistence of high potential and one or more vulnerabilities, in an inclusive perspective.
Our teachers are trained in the method and supported in the annual experimentation process by Dr. Lara Milan, the ambassador of the SEM method in Italy.


LabTalento and the Commitment to Inclusion

For over ten years, MILE has been collaborating with LabTalento to support gifted students and their families and has established an Inclusion Group composed of a psychologist, the principal, and teachers, tasked with addressing the needs and special talents, including those of competitive athletes who must balance studies, training, and competitions.

On a practical level, this means personalized educational plans, open classrooms, a “hands-on” approach to stimulate the gifts and talents of students in order to promote the full realization of their potential.


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