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Lower Secondary, for students aged 11-14 years

MILE Lower Secondary is a “paritaria” school, officially recognized by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education), as well as being Cambridge Assessment International certified.
In Lower Secondary, we offer an Italian-English bilingual curriculum through highly qualified teachers who all have either English or Italian as their mother tongue.

The Italian curriculum follows the directives of MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education). Native English teachers continue the development of the Cambridge curriculum, started at Primary.

The teaching approach of the Lower Secondary School aims to make students aware of their own personal learning process (“learning to learn”), to develop their curiosity and their skills, in relation to their future academic path.

In the three-year study cycle, traditional subjects are accompanied by a teaching approach aimed at developing team working and leadership skills.

Students study four core subjects: Italian, English (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening), Mathematics and Science, in addition to complementary subjects, such as Spanish, Art, Music, Drama, Geography, History, ICT, Physical Education and Robotics.  The educational offering is completed by numerous labs and sports activities, carried out both at school and at a dedicated sports centre.  We support each student, by designing a tailored approach for every individual.

The academic path is developed through key learning areas


Classrooms become a space in which students share different ideas and ways of understanding in relation to new concepts.  Through cooperative learning with classmates and with the guidance of their teacher-mentor, students will come to organise their own knowledge.


Students, guided by their teacher-mentor, activate learning processes through a series of experiences, based both on the sharing of their existing knowledge and on individual knowledge learning at home. This process allows them to become active participants in their own learning and to understand from an early age the benefits of research, discussion, and debate.


Learning Celebrations
classes share their learning with other children and families in organized events.


Personal development activities
stimulate the holistic growth of each student.


Extra-curricular activities, trips and visits
enhance children’s learning and understanding of local culture.


Technology is an integral part of our innovative educational approach. All students starting from the 3rd grade of Primary are provided with iPads, which enable them to develop their confidence with ICT tools. An ICT Laboratory helps students to deepen their knowledge of technology subjects.

International Learning Opportunities programmes (ILOS)

Students at Lower Secondary really benefit from a wide range of International Learning Opportunities (ILOS), organized and managed by International Schools Partnership, which provide amazing learning experiences and connect students all around the world.

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