Our Grade 4 students had the pleasure of participating in a special music workshop.


After studying the earth with its elements and the different climates present on our planet with the Italian teachers, they rediscovered these concepts through music.


Music is a language that serves to communicate and convey emotions.

With music the composer can therefore present different moods, happy or sad, emotions but also animals or objects.

Music can also help to approach other disciplines such as Geography.


Through music, our students have indeed reworked the concepts already studied but they have also colored them with the emotions that music can arouse, making them indelible and living an experience that will enrich and positively mark them.


We listened to:



Mozart – Sinfonia concertante for violin and viola k 364 – Andante Sadness, memory, melancholy, loneliness. Mozart wrote this piece on yhe occasion of his mother’s death.

Joy, enthusiasm, vivacity, lightheartedness. Mozart wrote this piece as an accompaniment to a party.



Vivaldi – Il gardellino – Allegro

Liszt – La campanella

Saint-Saens – Il carnevale degli animali – L’acquario




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