Studying is exciting, Studying is a pleasure, Studying is commitment

The goal of MILE School Primary is to give children a solid foundation in school and to stimulate love for knowledge and knowledge in a spontaneous way. The training offer is formulated with the aim of enriching children's learning experiences and providing them with the necessary tools to live in the modern world, be they academic, social, linguistic or technological.

MILE School Primary deals in a balanced way with both the fundamental subjects such as Italian, English, Mathematics and Science, and the complementary subjects such as Spanish, Art, Music, Theatre, Geography, History, ICT, Physical Education and Robotics.

The classes are formed by a limited number of students, so as to allow the attention of the teachers to be focused and aimed at the individuality of each child; this is because it is the objective of the school to ensure that the school experience of each student represents a positive and fundamental support for its growth, both academic and social..

MILE School Primary is a bilingual primary school,recognized by the Italian State, which pursues a teaching program in Italian consistent with the requirements of the Ministry of Education.
The English language teaching programme is based on the following principles Cambridge Curriculum. Mile School in fact is a school a Cambridge Certified school.

School for laboratories

At MILE School, teaching by Labs is intended as an opportunity for students to learn and experiment in training.

Music, Science, Art and Technology are part of the bilingual curriculum from the first grade.

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Suitable for children

MILE School Primary provides a schedule of lessons from Monday to Friday,

from 8:30 to 16:00 with the possibility of after-school until 18:30.

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The right energies

Nutrition in MILE plays a fundamental role: it is the energy charge to play, study and grow.

We collaborate with So.Vite to offer balanced and healthy meals every day.

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12 to 36 months

Bilingual Nursery.


3 to 5 years old

Bilingual Kindergarten.


11 to 13 years old

Lower Secondary School