Madre Terra Social Agricultural Cooperative

Civic education

As part of our civic education program, we introduced our students to a Madre Terra project in collaboration with the UcapTe Association “Confiscated Assets and Social Agriculture”. Madre Terra has been implementing social agriculture projects for years; projects that promote the social inclusion of people in fragile conditions and the creation of alternative consumption networks that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.Our students were invited to participate in an interesting treasure hunt on the theme of confiscated goods confiscated from the mafia and their victims, organized by the eighth grade students of the Vanzaghello school. The workshop“The Hunt for Legality” involved students in group games, individual and collective tests enabling them to collect important information on the history of the land from the confiscation to the transformation of the property into a garrison of legality, on the history of the mafia and, in particular, of historical figures who have dedicated their lives to the fight for legality.

Our students’ efforts were ‘rewarded’ by Madre Terra with the arrival of cherry and berry plants at school, representing the symbol of growth and daily commitment to caring for our land🌱

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