24 January 2020

Winter in MILE Kids

  MILE Kids and the polar bears Winter in coming... On the track of the polar bear! Winter is coming and, starting from the discovery of the polar bear, MILE Kids pupils, with their little hands, felt the sensation of the cold ice and had fun drawing and building cute polar bears, trees with […]
23 January 2020

Music Lessons in Primary

  MILE School Primary: a Music lesson! In the MILE Music project, students have studied the greats of the past: from Mozart to Tchaikovsky... their lives, their works and, above all, listening to and playing their music! From drawing to movement, sound is interpreted; melody and […]
22 January 2020

Coding Lesson with The FabLab

  Coding lessons continue with The FabLab After 3D Design, this time the students of MILE have learned to program also with Microbits - a small programmable computer, designed to make learning easy. With lights and buttons, we can understand how […]
22 January 2020

Healthy and Unhealthy Food

  MILE Kids is Nutrition Healthy and Unhealthy Food Students focused on a very important issue: "Nutrition" - healthy and unhealthy food, talking about what is good or bad to eat for our teeth and our health. With the teachers, they created amazing posters […]
17 January 2020

Week of snow

  MILE Kids Nursery and the snow In January, our little pupils from MILE Kids Nursery had a funny experience with creative workshops dedicated to snow! After the story about the discovery of the snow, in the company of the gnome Horace, the little ones enjoyed a sensory experience, discovering the ice and the arctic animals, creating snowflakes […]
16 January 2020

Coding Lab in MILE Kids

  MILE Kids: Coding Lab The kindergarten Coding Program helps students develop concepts of computational thinking, algorithms, problem solving and logic. In this game, pupils become robots themselves and begin to develop the sense of body-relative directions, the concept of […]
12 January 2020

MILE on SKI 2020

  MILE on SKI 2nd edition a great success! More than 80 children with their parents had lots of fun together, spending a sunny weekend in the white mountains of La Thuille!  
20 December 2019


  MILE School show is ‘Magic & Entertainment’ See you in 2020! The whole MILE community gathered for an exchange of greetings and good wishes.  
19 December 2019

The Vegetable Garden

  The “Vegetable Garden” Waiting for spring The project engage all MILE Kindergarten grades. To prepare ourselves for the cultivation of tulip bulbs that will be planted in the coming days in the tanks built by our students, the little ones of MILE Kids Fiori with the help of primary students had fun drawing the tulip flower… Waiting for spring!