The priority of MILE School is to integrate technology starting from the didactics, the children's daily cognitive experience. For this reason, the school has chosen the "Flipped Classroom", the digital didactics born in the USA, which is based on recent studies of neuroscience that have brought to light a key concept: learning is rooted in the pre-knowledge of the students, which must be stimulated in order to become the beginning of their cognitive process.

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Music Lab

The musical path in MILE School is very innovative and offers an educational program that develops over eight years (Primary & Middle) characterized by a fil-rouge: learning a language unique in the world, that of emotions. The music activities take place in the dedicated laboratory, where you can experience both the teaching of traditional music and the modernity of Music Technology.

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Art Lab

For 16 years, MILE School has dedicated time and space to educating children’s creative design thinking and for this reason has activated three laboratories employing Bruno Munari’s Method in its educational offer for children: two of them dedicated to pre-school – MILE Kids Kindergarten and Reception students; and one dedicated to MILE School Primary students.

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L’alimentazione riveste un ruolo molto importante perché il cibo è il principale carburante dell’organismo. In MILE School il servizio mensa è affidato ad una società specializzata nella ristorazione collettiva selezionata attraverso un percorso che ha coinvolto anche un gruppo di genitori volontari.

MILE School can offer, in addition to a quality service, also a strong customization of the menus that can be chosen according to the individual needs of students, their intolerances or allergies, food choices of an ethical or religious nature.



At MILE School, outdoor spaces are important training environments. Outdoor living, capable of hosting activities ranging from physical education to free play, is also a training gym for developing the values of sharing and communication of children.

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In the active teaching of MILE School, library is designed as an important tool to integrate the process of cognitive development of students by providing them with resources to deepen research in Cooperative learning.

The library now has a thousand texts in Italian and English and books focused on educational issues, but also on wide-ranging issues related to the traditions and cultures of other countries. A digital library is also available in MILE, which can also be accessed remotely.



Even breaks have their own space.

In MILE School, the interval is also part of the didactic program and has its own dedicated space. In fact, in the Via Olgiati site, the Cafeteria has been introduced, a bright and welcoming space with a northern style.

The interval then becomes an opportunity for relationship and exchange or simply relaxation in respect of the attitude and individual character of each student.


Fun Space

During the "long" break, i.e. after lunch, the students of MILE School can have fun and play in the many spaces dedicated to them.

The school has an outdoor area with a garden, multi-sports fields for volleyball, basketball and five-a-side football, as well as an indoor area with table football, ping-pong tables and multiactivity carpets.

The interval in MILE School is also designed to meet the needs of the different stages of growth and opportunities for exchange and socialization.