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Cover ebook Cocinando con la Septima - vol 3

MILE School ebook cover from graders 7 with 5 delicious and healthy menu that respect the nutritional values and ingredients.

Cocinando con la septima – vol. 3

5 healthy, delicious and... Multilingual menù.

We are pleased to present you the recipe book of 7 graders in format ebook. We hope you can downaload it try out at home the delicious dishes included here proposed by MILE students!

Using of knowledge they have acquired in English, Spanish and Sciencethe Seventh Grade class has worked diligently to write a recipe book.
The description in English of each recipe had to be correct, but above all evocative and effective, to involve the reader, and make him engaged in the world behind each delicacy. This required from the pupils a high level of lexical mastery.
In addition, by writing the recipe, and giving shape to a real regulatory text, students have learned to give instructions in Spanish, memorizing the specific vocabulary of the gastronomic and culinary field.
Furthermore, it is essential that students know that scientific knowledge can also be applied to our daily lives. In selecting recipes, our students have taken into account the nutritional value of each ingredient and its impact on the human body. This book seeks to teach its readers theof balancing nutritional foods to create healthy menus that can not only be healthy but also tasty. In this recipe book MILE students have collaborated in the creation of 5 daily menus with all these features.

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